Power Take Offs

Rear mount, side mount and heavy duty PTOs. Air, cable & vacuum shift PTOs with shift kits to suit.


For a wide range of vehicles and gearboxes including:

EATON/FULLER  TF7002UNI For Gear Boxes FS109; FSO5109; FS6109; FSO6109; FS8209; FSO8209; FS8309; FSO8309 (ratio 1:1,32) For all other Eaton/Fuller Gear Boxes, Click Here
ISUZU  Table – PTO Isuzu
IVECO    Table – PTO Iveco
KAMAZ    TF18002P For Gear Boxes 14;15; (ISO SERIES); Pneumatic Control.  UNI SERIES: TF18001P For Gear Box 14/15 (right side assembly); Pneumatic Control: TF18001P2 For Gear Box 14/15 (Two Outputs); Pneumatic Control. 
MAN/VW   TF6001AMP For Gear Box 007.1 (ratio 1;1,32). TF6001SP For Gear Box 007.1 (ratio 1:1).
MAZ            TF19002P For Gear Box 236(ISO series), Pneumatic Control
MERCEDES  Table – PTO Mercedes
MITSUBISHI  Table – PTO Mitsubishi
NISSAN  Table – PTO Nissan
RENAULT    TF14003P For Gear Boxes B9, B18, Pneumatic Control
SCANIA  Table – PTO Scania
TOYOTA  Table – PTO Toyota
VOLVO  Table – PTO VOLVO    Table – PTO Volvo UNI
ZF   TF4201AMP for ZF Twin Output, Gear Box S5-50; S5-90; S6-65; S6-66; S6-70; S6-75; S6-80; S6-90; 6S-800; 6S-1000 ratio 1:1,56). For other ZF Variants click here Table – PTO ZF
SHAANXI  TF22001AMP For Gear Box 9JS (ratio 1:1,21).  TF22002AMP For Gear Box 12JS (ratio 1:1,21)
GAZ  TF23001E For Gear Box 3302; Electric Control. TF23001P For Gear Box 3302; Pneumatic Control. TF23001V For Gear Box 3302; Vacuum Control.